As the newest addition to Reliable's sprinkler line, the N252 EC, with a K factor of 25.2, is a density/area sprinkler that can provide coverage up to 196 sq. ft. and spacings up to 14 ft. x 14 ft. for storage and extra-hazard applications. They are UL-listed for use in NFPA 13 applications for obstructed, noncombustible construction. The N252 EC sprinkler can be used for "big box" applications if the systems are designed under NFPA 13, 2002, paragraph 12.7.2 requirements.

The N252 EC can be installed in the pendent position, directly on the line-piping of an exposed wet-pipe system. This eliminates the need for springups, if using an upright on piping larger than 2-1/2 in. Pendent sprinklers can also be installed with hangers 6 in. or less in length, thus eliminating the need for seismic bracing on the line-piping.

This N252 EC pendent sprinkler can also be recessed for installations below finished ceilings. The recessed version uses Reliable's FP push-on, thread-off escutcheon, and is available in white or chrome finish.

These storage/extra-hazard sprinklers differ from other EC sprinklers in their calculation procedure. Light and ordinary-hazard EC sprinklers are calculated based upon a flow and pressure-derived from fixed incremental spacings of 2 ft. The N252 EC sprinklers are calculated based upon the actual coverage area per sprinkler, which prevents overdesign of the total calculated water flow. As an example: 10 x 14 ft. = 140 sq. ft. At a .60 density, the sprinkler demand would be 84 gpm at a pressure of 11.1 psi.

The savings on the quantity of line-piping and the large K factor, which reduces the starting pressure, make these sprinklers a very attractive protection method for storage and extra-hazard installations.

For more information, please refer to Bulletin 008.

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